Monday, April 4, 2011

My Package Has Arrived...

Friday night, i called my mom on my way home from our shop, and she told me there's something for me from the post. Ugh ugh.. i was so excited, it's something i bought from ebay..

Yay!!! It's the DPNs i bought from ebay, 15 sets of 15cm bamboos needles. I already have sets of metal DPNs but they're in 30cm, sometimes i feel it's a little longer to knit something small like socks or hat.

Now what's on my needles? I'm crocheting a blanket for baby. Using colourfull cotton yarn i bought from Thalenta. I bought these balls of yarn without knowing what to knit or crochet, and now after i saw the blanket here, i knew what to make. She made it very beautiful, love the colours..

I've never make a blanket before, and all these times i always choose to make a simple, quick project because i'm a person who get bored quickly. Hope this time i can finish this project. The Pattern is Soft Waves from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns.

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nyonyakecil said...

aduh cakep banged warnanyaa :D